LIAS Alumni Association

Keeping your relationship with LIAS strong after you have left campus


The LIAS Alumni Association works to keep your relationship with LIAS strong even after you have left our campus. With alumni invested in our missions of learning, discovery, and engagement, we believe we can continue to grow stronger and better serve our students and local community. Alumni are a key component of our success as a leading education and training institution.

As our institution matures, we will work to help you stay in touch with and meet others in the LIAS community to support your work and enrich your life. We plan to offer social events and help alumni stay connected through online tools and resources. Given our emphasis on service to society, we will also support opportunities for alumni to volunteer to further increase the impact LIAS has on local communities across Libya.

As our programming develops, we invite you to stay in touch with us on social media so that we can keep you up to date on campus events, volunteer opportunities, and alumni resources.