Advisory Services, Executive & Professional Education

Building a prosperous, productive, and innovative nation


Our executive and professional education courses focus on preparing participants to put new ideas into action to meet today’s toughest business challenges.



Self assessment, articulating a vision, inspiring employees, building teamwork, cooperation, conflict management, communication, decision making, performance improvement, succession planning


Human Resources

Recruitment, interviewing, time management, performance reviews, competency analysis, training and development


Soft Skills

Communication, influencing, decision making, negotiation, trust building, conflict management, coaching


Sports Management

Sport business and event management, sports economics, sports governance and regulation, marketing


Project Management

SManaging change, scoping, leadership, risk management, portfolio management


Islamic Finance Introductory Courses

Principles, sources of Islamic Law and, authorities of interpretation, application of principles in banking context


Financial Markets Development

Sukuk, AAOIFI standards, Islamic market indexes, Islamic money market instruments, foreign exchange operations


Banking Supervision

Basel Ii/Iii and Capital Adequacy, AAOIFI standards, IIFM capital market, IFSB prudential standards


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