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Opening of the 1st National Robot Championship.

Opening of the 1st National Robot Championship.

28 April 2018

Delivered by Engineer Abdelbasset Werfelli. 

In the name of God

Honorable guests, ladies, and gentlemen, dear participants in the First National Robot Championship.

Based on the vision of the Libya institute for Advanced Studies of in supporting young people, and believing in the importance of their role as an integral part of building our present and future homeland, and in order to make the national robot championship in Libya a successful national event, the institute did not hesitate to support with the best of its ability, so we can all be here today at the opening of the first edition of this championship.

Through its various initiatives and projects, the Libya institute for Advanced Studies seeks to cultivate a culture of coexistence and peacebuilding by focusing on strengthening the Libyan social fabric and making it durable. To be here today from the Far East to our beloved of Fezzan and Jabal Nafusa together, in a fair youth competition filled with creativity and creativity, is a wonderful thing. We are lucky to have you here despite all the stereotypes formed about Libyans.

Thank you Haxa connection - our distinguished partner - for this initiative. Thanks to all our sponsors and partners in this event.

Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.