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The Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), based in Tripoli, Bayda and Tobruk, Libya, is a leading private institution dedicated to supporting Libya’s next generation of leaders. Founded in 2012, LIAS is the first private research, advisory and education institution established after the Libyan Revolution. LIAS is committed to excellence in research aligned with solving critical socio-economic challenges, and preserving heritage teaching, and impactful learning that allows graduates to contribute to their communities and country. LIAS has eight specialized faculties and an affiliated business incubator. It offers advisory services, and courses ranging from professional education to degree programs for professional and personal development.


“Our vision is to be internationally recognized as a premier educational institute” – Dr. Aref Nayed

LIAS was founded in 2012 to fulfill the need for quality in private education options in Libya.

The fortitude displayed by launching an education institution at this stage in Libya’s history reflects a desire by LIAS


Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS) was established in 2012 in the aftermath of the Libyan Revolution with the aim of supporting the professional and personal development of Libya’s citizens and the capacity building necessary for the rise of a stable and thriving new Libya. The LIAS organization is based on a main hub in Tripoli, with operational nodes in Benghazi, Beda, Tobruk, Misrata, Bani-Walid and Sabha. In addition, LIAS has a network of local partners in most cities and villages throughout Libya. LIAS also operates from regional nodes, with offices and facilities in Tunis, Amman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and with representation in Washington D.C. and Helsinki.
Envisioned as a fully operational educational institution for advanced studies, dedicated to capacity building, LIAS has invested extensively in academic infrastructure in Tripoli, Benghazi, and its various nodes within Libya. It has also completed its institutional design, operational setup, academic programs and the development of curriculam. The acute political instability and security situation across the country since 2014 has postponed the full operationalizing of its educational plans. LIAS has utilized its expertise and resources to provide solutions in the fields of development, mediation, training and advisory to address the immediate challenges of this turbulent period in a spirit of hopeful determination.