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LIAS Development Solutions (LIAS-DS) works with the international community through leading development organizations, and with Libyan civil society and government institutions to provide expert counsel, training, mediation, and project implementation. Our defining feature is our ability to deliver results on the ground, quickly and effectively. Our mission is to help empower Libyan citizens, mend the social fabric, unify and stabilize the country and support Libya’s emergence as a peaceful, prosperous and proactive member of the community of nations.

LIAS Development Solutions (LIAS-DS) offers a range of training and skills transfers programs for the private and public sectors. Our training modules help raise standards and practices to improve Libya’s emerging institutions.

LIAS Development Solutions (LIAS-DS) provides research, analysis and strategic communications support to enable our clients to operate strategically, safely, and with maximum efficacy.

Our mediation specialists bring a wealth of experience in facilitating and brokering mediation initiatives and stakeholder engagement across Libya. We offer solutions to those seeking to deliver mediation projects safely and cost effectively on the ground.

Our project delivery experts have experience ensuring on-time delivery, accountability and cost efficiency at all stages of the project cycle. We have worked with governments and funding bodies to act as a local implementing partner for complex projects.