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The fortitude displayed by launching an education institution at this stage in Libya’s history reflects a desire by LIAS to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges through open discourse and academic inquiry. We invite you to take the time to learn more about how our academic and research offerings and community partnerships relate to our mission. These pages provide details on LIAS’ programs, faculty, research, and global reach.

Academic Programs

LIAS will offer more than 70 training programs in eight faculties. Students will be able to pursue courses ranging from professional education to degree programs for professional and personal development.

  • Center for Libyan Studies
  • Center for Stabilization Studies
  • Center for Strategic Studies
  • Center for Youth and Gender Empowerment
  • Libya School of Government
  • School of Management and Innovation
  • School of Media
  • Sustainability Center


Available and Connected Faculty

Our instructors are focused on teaching first, but many are engaged in practitioner roles which gives them access to up-to-date global best practices. Our affiliated instructors are also engaged in cutting edge, internationally recognized research. In their teaching approach, they balance ground-breaking research, theory, and practice to deliver impactful teaching aligned with real-world skills. They are consulted by the public and private sectors to assist in solving the most challenging socio-economic issues. In this respect, the faculty serve as teachers, mentors, and advisors to students and the community.


Research Opportunities

LIAS is committed to exploring and analyzing the most pressing issues facing Libya. Our commitment to research involves the creation of knowledge that transforms societies. Al Riwaq – a department of LIAS named to invoke the great halls of knowledge and exchange of ideas established in the courts of our ancestors – facilitates applied faculty research with the public and private sector by seeking external support and forming research partnerships with other education and training institutions.



As our programming expands, we have plans to develop purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities. Our facilities currently offer full access to wireless networks, dedicated study spaces, and meeting rooms developed so that students can continue their learning experience outside the classroom.


Beyond the LIAS Campus

The reach of LIAS’ campus extends far beyond Tripoli. Through our overseas professional training programs and academic centers throughout Libya, we offer students the opportunity to spend time at elite global institutions in places as diverse as the United States and Singapore. We offer a number of consortium programs that take place internationally in highly technical fields that allow students the opportunity to experience and explore international practices and be exposed to global practitioners. These intensive academic experiences are often shaped to meet the needs of Libyan public and private sector organizations to upgrade the skills of their staff towards emerging business requirements.

LIAS was founded in 2012 in response to the need for quality, private education options in post-Revolution Libya.

Our vision is to build a stable, democratic, and prosperous Libya

The Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS) has built academic partnerships with elite institutions across the globe.