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What we offer

LIAS Development Solutions (LIAS-DS) LIAS-DS offers a range of training and skills transfers programs for the private and public sectors. Our training modules help raise standards and practices to improve Libya’s emerging institutions. Courses are conducted by accredited trainers from within LIAS as well as through our network of international trainers.

Media & strategic communications are essential and unavoidable change agents in the development process. Building a robust & free media environment can help improve governance.

National recovery is contingent on stability. Building resilient institutions demands the restoration of the social fabric and strengthening bonds between government and local stakeholders.

Building a set of strong, productive and sustainable national and local institutions that can maintain law and order and provide real services to citizens requires a competent bureaucracy composed of expertly trained and experienced policymakers and administrators.

The success of any enterprise, public or private, hinges on sound management practices. It is essential for both corporations and government entities to continually upskill and nurture managers and employees on a management track