An invitation to attend a lecture: Self-Discovery and Determining the Path

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An invitation to attend a lecture: Self-Discovery and Determining the Path

-What information do you have about knowing yourself?
Knowledge of oneself, the characteristics of the individual, and the desire to search for such knowledge are what guide the development of our self-concept.
Self-knowledge is considered one of the biggest problems for some people… with everyone certain that self-knowledge is the key to development and success in this life, because without a person knowing himself, his features, his strengths, and his weaknesses, he will not be able to develop and will not be able to address the weaknesses. that afflicts him; It hinders him from performing his duties and work in the optimal and desired manner.
-How do you determine your path?
If you know yourself, it will be easier for you to determine your path, and even more than that.
Determining the path is determining your inclinations, desires, and abilities. Determining the path is in your interest and enables you to identify the fields that are appropriate for you and plan for your future in an intelligent manner, whether in your professional or academic life.
So ; From this platform, the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies invites you to attend a valuable lecture entitled: (Self-discovery and determining the path).
The topics of the lecture will initially focus on knowing oneself and everything related to it, followed by how to determine the path and everything related to it. Also, within the lecture, we will carry out a specific activity together through which you will learn about yourself and the amount of positive change that you have achieved. After this valuable lecture, God willing.
During our collective journey to discover ourselves and determine our path, we need all age groups to share our personal experiences, to create distinction from differences, and to achieve creativity from our understanding of ourselves.
Welcome to all ages, and welcome to all groups that aspire to change.
“Change starts with you. Be creative.”

The lecture is on Sunday, 2/13/2022
From 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Inside the headquarters of the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies.
Tripoli – Ben Ashour
Stay ready
To register for the free lecture “Plain and WhatsApp”
To access the complex’s website: