The Forty Beneficial and Saving Ones

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The Forty Beneficial and Saving Ones

The Forty Beneficial and Saving Ones

Compiled and coordinated by: Prof. Dr. Arif Ali Nayed

The book consists of 80 pages, published by the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies and the Kalam Foundation for Research and Media 2020, and distributed by Al-Koun Library in Tripoli and Cairo, and Al-Bayan Library in Benghazi.

It is a collection containing forty hadiths from the noble Prophet’s hadiths regarding error, sin, sinners, and ways to save them from their sins.

In addition to a group of hadiths on the virtues of supplications, asking for forgiveness, praying, praising God, blessings upon the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and supplications, so that one can be freed from the darkness of sins and disobedience by perpetuating them.

Because a person’s life may pass, and the commanding soul continues to fall into him, with multiple sins, faults, negligence, omissions, and fatal procrastination, until his blaming self becomes confused about the matter of his commanding self, and he has despaired of correcting its stubbornness, crookedness, and wrongdoing, and has despaired of reaching the position of a reassured soul returning to Him. Her Lord is satisfied and pleasing, but the servant remembers the Almighty’s saying: “Say, ‘O My servants who have transgressed against themselves, despair not of the mercy of God.’” And the Almighty’s saying: “And if only when they wronged They themselves came to you and asked forgiveness from God, and the Messenger asked forgiveness for them. They would have found God Forgiving and merciful.

You can download the book through this link