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Diploma: Economic Feasibility Studies

The Libya Academy for Advanced Studies, in partnership with Intellectual Leadership Company, announces a diploma entitled: Economic Feasibility Studies

Diploma topics and subjects:

Chapter One: Financial Statements:

Differences in corporate activity and its impact on the financial analysis of the financial statements.

Financial statements in industrial enterprises.

Financial statements in commercial institutions.

Financial statements in service institutions.

Types of financial statements:

income list.

Income statement forms.

The importance of the income statement and its impact on financial analysis.

Income statement items.

Income statement sections.

Statement of financial position budget.

The importance of the budget and its impact on financial analysis.

Factors affecting financial analysis.

Budget items tab.

The statement of cash financial flows and its impact on financial analysis.

The importance of cash flows.

Cash flow statement items.

How to prepare a cash flow statement.

Part Two: Financial Analysis.

Definition of financial analysis.

The importance of financial analysis.

Objectives of financial analysis.

Types of financial analysis.

Steps of financial analysis.

Chapter Three: Financial analysis tools.

Vertical analysis of financial statements.

Horizontal analysis of financial statements.

Financial ratio analysis.

Financial failure prediction models.

C5 financial analysis template.

Chapter Four: Economic feasibility study, how to prepare it and its results.

Components of the economic feasibility study.

Components of the market study.

Components of the technical study.

Components of the financial study.

Financial analysis and economic indicators that must be included in the feasibility study.

————————————————– —

This diploma is presented by Professor and Trainer: Saad Al-Sahbi

He obtains:

Bachelor of Accounting, University of Benghazi.

Professional diploma in banking risk management.

More than thirty training courses in financial analysis and feasibility studies.

He has banking experience of more than thirty and twenty years at Al-Wahda Bank, represented in:

Head of the Credit Risk Department.

Assistant Director of Research, Planning and Market Studies Department.

Deputy Director of Islamic Products and Services Department.

Deputy Director of Credit Management

Strategic projects coordinator

He currently holds the position of Head of the Banking Training Department in the Training Department, and a trainer in financial analysis and feasibility studies.

Beneficiaries of this diploma:

Students of the Faculty of Economics.

Finance and banking students.

Accounting students.

Graduates of economic colleges

Start-up business owners.

Investors and traders

Project owners and ideas

Managers of service and finance offices.

Legal office managers.

Individuals who wish to enter the economic feasibility studies market.

Women pioneers and entrepreneurs.

Male and female coaches


Diploma duration: one month. (36 training hours).

(3 days a week) 3 hours a day.

Timing is from 4 to 8 pm.

The number is limited, and the course begins after completing the target number.

The cost of participating in the course: previously 2000 dinars, now [1500] dinars


At the end of the course, the trainee will obtain:

Certificate from the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies.

Certificate from Intellectual Leadership Company.

Approval of the certificate from the Ministry of Labor.

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