English grammar course Level one

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English grammar course Level one
Grammar course (level one)
The course will mostly focus on tenses and basic grammar tools.
It will be a 10-hour course for four days, 2 and a half hours per day.
It will start on the 17th of September.
Saturday and Sunday
Tuesday and Friday.
Cost: #Free
English grammar course (first level)
The focus will be on tense conjugation, sentence structure, and basic grammar tools.
The duration of the course is 10 hours, divided into four days, two and a half hours per day.
The course begins on September 17th and ends on September 21st
From Saturday until Wednesday except Monday.
The course is completely #free.
To register only via the link:
For inquiries, please call:
(Regular or WhatsApp)
Address: Tripoli – Al-Sikka Road – Prime Minister Street – the first intersection on the left – the second villa on the left.