How to be creative in time management?

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How to be creative in time management?
Time management is a planning process to control the time a person spends on various activities. It is a collective activity that aims to achieve the maximum general benefit for a group of other activities within the framework of a boundary condition for a limited period of time.
I wonder is time management important?
Yes, certainly, because time management does not only aim to accomplish tasks, but rather to arrange them according to priority, and to implement them according to this priority in the first place. Therefore, time management is extremely important, given that a person finds in front of him a large number of tasks most of the time, so the lesson here is Divide it and put it on a schedule and not go randomly.
From this standpoint, the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies is organizing on Tuesday, May 24, at 4:30 pm and until 6:00 pm.
Lecture entitled: How to be creative in time management.
#Presented by: Aya Khaled Daghman
#Lecture topics:
-Know yourself first.
-Time management skills.
-Benefits of time management.
-Tips on time management.
-Exercise on time management.
the address:
Tripoli – Bin Ashour – Al-Sikka Road – Prime Minister Street – the first intersection on the left – the second building on the left.
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