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Alqari Award for Creative Writing

Alqari Award for Creative Writing

Organized by Alqari Organization. Sponsored by Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS).

Alqari Award for Creative Writing is an annual award for authors, and creative writers in various literary genres, with the goal to spread committed literature, bolster positive values, focus on Arabic as a thought medium, and shed light on the work of talented youth. The award directs the attention of authors and brings creative youth to the spotlight. The Alqari Award directs the interest of writers, towards authorship and creativity, to fulfill the need for knowledge and learning, enrich the literary arena with novel works to uplift social values and to reach out to promising youth.

In this first session of Alqari Award, we seek to explore young talents in the literary domain within three distinct literary forms (Short stories – Letter writing –  Literary articles).

Award goals:

  1. Directing attention to youth literature, and enriching the Libyan literary arena.
  2. Spreading positive values among member of the society, especially the youth, and enticing them to read and write and creatively.
  3. Shedding the light on the importance of the Arabic language as a cultural and thinking medium.
  4. Encouraging gifted writers to produce more and better output.
  5. Making use of creative writers’ work by channeling it towards the development of knowledge