LIAS Opens a Back Office in Jordan

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LIAS Opens a Back Office in Jordan

Since its opening in late 2013, LIAS has operated from offices in Tripoli, with further facilities added in Beida, Tobruk and Benghazi along with offshore support from the UAE.

A strategic decision was taken in September 2014 to establish a back-office operation in Amman, Jordan.  This decision was in large part a response to the serious instability experienced in both Tripoli and Benghazi over the summer of 2014 and that remains unresolved today.  The issues in both locations severely compromised LIAS’ ability to operate in both cities.

Amman offers significant benefits in supporting LIAS operations – the fact that Libyan passport holders can travel to Jordan and receive a visa on arrival is a major benefit that exists in few countries.  This allows Libyan students, LIAS contributors and others to visit the new LIAS facility in Amman without the delays and uncertainties of visa approvals before travel.  Additionally, the air transport links between Amman and Libya are generally good.

The LIAS Amman office will principally offer back-office support in the form of administration, accounting, reporting and related services, but the LIAS office that is being set up will also include training / seminar rooms in order to offer small-scale training programmes.

LIAS looks forward to the inauguration of the new office during the week of 23rd January and to welcoming collaborators and students over the coming months.