LIAS Provides Technical Assistance to CDA

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LIAS Provides Technical Assistance to CDA

The Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) consists of an elected committee of 60 members and is operating in Beida in the east of Libya. The CDA is tasked with preparing the draft constitution on behalf of the people of Libya. In due course, the draft constitution will be the subject of a referendum in order for it to be ratified as Libya’s formal constitution.

LIAS responded to the request from the CDA to identify an appropriate system to capture video recordings of the proceedings of the CDA, along with a facility to digitally archive these recordings.

The LIAS technical team identified appropriate equipment and LIAS proceeded with the procurement of the required items on behalf of the CDA. Once the equipment was available, the LIAS technical team made the journey from the UAE to Beida on 22nd October.

Arriving in Beida on the evening of 22nd October, the team decided to immediately undertake the installation of the equipment, rather than to wait for the following day. Working late into the night, the LIAS technical team successfully installed the following equipment and also provided a basic training session in its use to the local staff of the CDA.

  • 3 HD video cameras;
  • tripods;
  • 1 portable video mixer;
  • an intercom system for communication between the director and the cameramen;
  • a computer-based digital archiving solution and high-capacity storage array.

The following day the CDA technical team demonstrated the newly installed equipment to the members of the CDA to the delight of its Head.  The system has been in operation since installation to record the historic deliberations of the CDA in the formulation of the Libyan draft constitution.