Libya Institute for Advanced Studies Launches

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Libya Institute for Advanced Studies Launches

The Libya institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), Libya’s first major private education and training institution to be established after the Revolution, was launched today.  

LIAS will offer education and training to Libya’s next generation of leaders through courses taught by top Libyan and global academics and industry experts. LIAS’ courses cover high-growth disciplines critical to Libya’s future so that graduates can be active contributors to their communities and the development of their country.

Not-for-profit Structure

The initiative will be overseen by a not-for-profit organization based in Tripoli, and is funded by several Libyan business leaders and academics. Dr. Aref Nayed, a Libyan philanthropist who has committed significant financial support to make LIAS possible, will serve as the first Chairman of the Board.

“LIAS represents a unique opportunity to improve the quality of education in Libya while simultaneously meeting the demands of the Libyan economy,” LIAS Chairman of the Board Dr. Aref Nayed said.

Faculties and Centers

Near-term course offerings will include programs in over 70 subjects. As the institution matures, course offerings will be broadened across five faculties, two specialized centers, a branch campus in Al Beidah, and several training centers across Libya.

LIAS will provide a highly practical series of courses that are beyond the traditional tracks offered by Libyan public universities and which respond to current institutional gaps in Libyan higher education and technical and vocational training. Focus areas will include public sector management, Islamic finance, media and communications, and security studies.

LIAS will offer interdisciplinary training and promote scholarship to understand the social, cultural, religious, and historical forces that have shaped Libya. The institution will also prepare individuals to be involved in emerging areas of sustainable development such as renewable energy and support entrepreneurs through an affiliated business incubator.

Recognizing the role played by the men and women who fought in the Libyan Revolution, LIAS will complement current government offerings by providing training and job placement support to warriors. The institution will also train members of the healthcare community who treat warriors.

Global Academic Partnerships

LIAS has built academic partnerships with elite institutions across the globe such as Georgetown University and the National University of Singapore. These partnerships allow Libyan students the opportunity to study abroad to experience and explore international practices and be exposed to global practitioners.

“LIAS is committed to providing students with the information they need to succeed in today’s social, political, and economic climate and skills that will help them adapt to the future. Our courses are developed with industry and international partner input and taught by people who are leaders in their field, keeping our students in touch with real world needs and global practices,” said Dr. Nayed.

Community Engagement

LIAS has a strong commitment to building partnerships with key community stakeholders including national and international universities, government agencies, businesses, and social sector organizations.

The institution’s Al Riwaq department, which recalls Libya’s tradition of open discussion and debate in public forums, ensures LIAS’ research and programs serve the needs of Libya by forging applied research partnerships, designing customized staff training programs, and ensuring that graduates find employment. Through Al Riwaq, LIAS will also engage and support social sector organizations by providing student volunteers, research collaboration, and other forms of support.

About the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies

The Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), based in Tripoli, Libya, is a leading private training institution dedicated to educating Libya’s next generation of leaders. Founded in 2012, LIAS is the first private education institution established after the Revolution. LIAS is committed to excellence in teaching, impactful learning that allows graduates to contribute to their communities and country, research aligned with solving critical socio-economic challenges and preserving heritage, and rehabilitative services for the men and women who fought in the Libyan Revolution. LIAS has six specialized faculties in addition to a rehabilitation center for survivors of the Revolution and an affiliated business incubator. It offers courses ranging from professional education to degree programs for professional and personal development.