LIAS meeting: Tourism in Libya, Reality and Future

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LIAS meeting: Tourism in Libya, Reality and Future

The Libya Academy for Advanced Studies organized a meeting entitled: Tourism in Libya, Reality and Future, on February 24, 2021
On the occasion of Arab Tourism Day.
It was hosted by Dr. Fathallah Khalifa Idris Al-Haddad
Head of the Department of Archeology, Faculty of Arts, Omar Al-Mukhtar University
President of the Balagray National Association for Environment, Archeology and Tourism
Former Director of the Green Mountain Tourism Office

He answered a set of questions after giving a valuable lecture.

What is the reality of tourism in Libya?
Over the last ten years, what has been the condition of tourist sites?
What are the plans of successive governments regarding tourism?
Smugglers and antiquities: What are the controls and deterrents in particular?
Those who attack antiquities by demolishing, exploiting and selling lands, where are the governments in this regard?
Are there plans to follow up and hold the aggressors legally accountable?

During the last ten years, the square and the monuments have been exposed to various problems. Are there studies specialized in this regard?
Do archeology departments in universities fulfill their cultural, awareness-raising and educational role in particular?
Do its curricula keep pace with the times, its developments and its problems?
Are there new specialized excavations?
Does the law and its articles, whether in the Constitution or other legislation, care about tourism, preserve it, and provide a suitable environment for it?
What do you see as the future of tourism in Libya?

To watch the full meeting here.