LIAS organized a dialogue session on the concept of quality in education

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LIAS organized a dialogue session on the concept of quality in education
Today, Saturday, March 19, 2022 AD, in the city of Benghazi, the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies organized a dialogue session on the concept of quality in education.
Prepared and coordinated by Ms. Hanan Abdel Salam Al-Falah
Hosted by Prof. Dr. Adel Muhammad Al-Sharkasi, President of the General Assembly of the Libyan Society for Quality and Excellence in Education, and Head of the Statistics Department at the Faculty of Science, University of Benghazi.
Dr . Fatima Muftah Al-Falah, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Arts, University of Benghazi, and Director of the Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Department, University of Benghazi.
The meeting was moderated by Mr. Idris Agwili, Director of the Holy Message School.
In the presence and participation of a group of interested people and specialists in the field of education and training, and in the distinguished and effective presence of the Benghazi Education Supervisor, Mr. Mustafa Belhassan, some school principals, and members of the Benghazi Teachers Syndicate.
Several topics were addressed, including:
The concept of educational quality.
Quality goals in education.
Several questions were asked and answered successively by Dr. Fatima Al-Falah and Dr. Adel Al-Sharkasi… from her…
Where is our education regarding quality and its guarantee?
How is educational quality achieved?
What are the benefits of applying quality?
The relationship between the quality of education and the quality of life.. (The quality of education is the quality of life)
The floor was opened for discussion with the audience and several points were raised, including:
The quality of the curricula and their consistency with development and keeping pace with the times
Specialized secondary education and the quality of outputs: positives and negatives.
Implementing quality at the senior management level.
Stability, clarity and educational plan to ensure the implementation of quality.
The concept of quality in examinations and the possibility of applying it.
Quality in the field of guidance.
In an intervention by Mr. Benghazi Education Superintendent, Mr. Mustafa Belhassan, he reviewed the difficulties facing any program to develop the educational process, including weak financial capabilities, obstruction of procedures, and failure to give the education sector the importance it deserves from the general budget…and the obstacles that coincided with the Corona epidemic and the change in… Study plans, etc. He praised the human cadres in education, including male and female teachers, administrative and technical cadres.
Dr. concluded. Fatima Al-Falah shared that quality is a way of life and that each person must do what he must do to the fullest extent to achieve quality of life.
As Dr. concluded, Adel Al-Sharkasi moderated the session with a question…
Do we wait for the capabilities to become available or do we start with what can be changed?
A concluded. Idris Aguili in the interview, citing the words of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, “God loves that when one of you does a job, he does it well.”