LIAS organized a meeting: Idris Al-Senussi, the Politician King

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LIAS organized a meeting: Idris Al-Senussi, the Politician King
Today, Saturday, in the city of Benghazi, the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies organized a meeting on the occasion of the birth anniversary of King Muhammad Idris al-Senussi, may God have mercy on him, entitled: (Idris al-Senussi, the Politician King).
It was prepared and presented by Professor Khaled Bouzakouk, hosting Dr. Mustafa Al-Dallaf, professor of law at Libyan universities, in the presence and participation of interested people and researchers of both genders.
The biography of King Idris, his struggle, his building of the modern Libyan state, refuting some suspicions about him, and his role in building knowledge and culture and spreading peace, reconciliation and development were discussed.
And the stages of work on the constitution, the necessary laws, and initial construction before the appearance of oil!
In addition to the roles played by the Senussi in spreading peace, reconciliation, and the concepts of sincere religiosity.
There was also talk about the importance of documentation, writing autobiographies, with impartiality and objectivity, and reading history from multiple angles, and through different times and special circumstances, to arrive at correct perceptions, because many things may appear to be wrong on one side, and if the other aspects are looked closely at, their correctness is revealed. Or her excuse appeared and the meaning was understood.
A set of ideas and proposals were proposed that would spread the values of loyalty to those who contributed to building and serving Libya, led by King Idris, through programs, applications, museums, libraries, universities, and educational halls.
I also dedicate to the guest of the meeting, Dr. Mustafa Al-Dallaf, the latest publication of the Libya Academy, which is the journey of Mr. Ahmed Al-Sharif Al-Senussi.