Announcement of (language teacher preparation course)

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Announcement of (language teacher preparation course)
🎓🎓🎓🎓(Language teacher preparation course)🎓🎓🎓🎓
(Teaching foreign languages)
The most important topics of the course:-
🔸️️Courses and certificates necessary for teacher preparation
🔸️️Determine the language needs of students according to “ACTFL” and “CEFR”.
🔸️Selecting and dividing curricula according to the number of hours, students’ levels and ages
🔸️Modern teaching methods and the use of technology in education
🔸️Design and use of language games and aids
Teaching languages via the Internet
The course is not limited to teaching English☝ Not only that, but it is general to all methods of teaching foreign languages👌
It is also not directed to school teachers only, as it is a general course that includes language professors and teachers in institutes and educational centers.
🔹️Students and graduates of language departments.👉
🔹️Language teachers who want to develop their skills.👉
🔹️Anyone who masters a foreign language and wants to teach it to others.👉
Course duration: one and a half months⏳
(One month theoretical and two weeks practical)👍
Days: (Saturday, Monday and Wednesday)
Start of the course: 1/15/2022.
Timing: 16:00 to 18:00 pm
Course value: 350 D.L
The course offers a. أ.#Siham_Ahmed، Nine years experience👌 In the field of teaching the Italian language 🇮🇹
– Obtained a course on language teaching methods from the Italian University of Cafoscari🇮🇹
– Author of the book How to Learn Languages.📕📖
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