Day 1: Public Discussion on Libyan Constitution

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Day 1: Public Discussion on Libyan Constitution

Tunis, March 10, 2016

Over 80 Libyan thought leaders, Constitutional Assembly members, social-fabric elders, researchers and advocates came together in Tunis to discuss the final draft of the Libyan constitution with the aim to find common ground on various articles and chapters in order to ensure final adoption through referendum. The event, organized by the Libyan Institute for Advanced Studies, was held at the Carthage Thalasso Resort.

“In these trying times of our history, blighted by political divisions and absence of security that the final adoption and implementation of the Libyan Constitution becomes an urgent imperative,” said LIAS advisor, Dr. Ali Hammouda. “Differences of opinion are natural and healthy in so vital a process. We believe and hope that frank open discussion among stakeholders can help form a final consensus.”

On the theme of the assembly’s strategies and work objectives, this first day featured a panel on the critical role of the committee and Keynote speakers Mr. Omar Naass and Mr. Hedi Abou Hamra addressed CDA objectives and strategies, insisting on the importance of overcoming disagreements. “We are at a historical crossroad and in spite of immense challenges we have succeeded in building a foundation of rights and liberties for future generations,” said [NAASS or ABOU HAMRA].”

Discussions covered a wide range of issues from the capital to the flag and national hymn to naturalization and citizenship.