Opening of the training course [ Accounting using Excel]

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Opening of the training course [ Accounting using Excel]

The training course [ Accounting using Excel ], organized by the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies in partnership with Intellectual Leadership Company, began on Sunday, December 25, and will continue for ten consecutive days.

Course presenter: Dr. Fatima Al-Falah.

She is a Doctorate in Accounting Philosophy from Alexandria University.

Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Benghazi.

Professional trainer in a number of training centers.

Course objectives and benefits:

This course aims to raise the ability and level of the accountant through the Excel program.

Teaching accountants skills to use the Excel program in the field of accounting work.

Learn about the methods of preparing financial statements to obtain accounting information.

Knowledge of preparing tables for accounting work.

All this with scientific application.

Target audience for this course:


Internal audit personnel.

Financial and non-financial managers.

Directors of technical and administrative departments.

Owners of large and small businesses.

Accounting graduates and students.

Workers in audit offices.

Bank and bank employees.

Finance specialists and its branches.

Amateurs and those wishing to become familiar with accounting sciences.

Course duration: 10 days, 3 hours per day

Time: 4 pm

Course Surprise: At the conclusion of the course, the trainee is given a copy of the American system on DVD

At the end of the course, the trainee will obtain:

Certificate from the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies.

Certificate from Intellectual Leadership Company.

Approval of the certificate from the Ministry of Labor.