LIAS holds training courses in the city of Al-Bayda

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LIAS holds training courses in the city of Al-Bayda
Within the project of awareness, education, training, skills transfer and improvement, the Training Department at the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies organized two training courses in the city of Al-Bayda, in cooperation with the Libya Amal Organization.
The first course, entitled: The Art of Public Speaking, Dialogue, and Deliverance, was delivered by media trainer Malek Al Sharada
The second session, entitled: Administrative Leadership, Guidance and Motivation, was delivered by the international trainer: Salah Al-Abbar
In the first, we talked about the art of public speaking and public speaking, its concept, importance, and goals, and that it is a science based on a set of rules, methods, and concepts that must be learned and practiced, and that it addresses the mental and emotional side.
He also devoted more time to the practical side, by having all the participants perform different speaking roles, in which they applied the rules, foundations, and exercises that he had trained them on, and then evaluated them so that they would perform optimally and best, in terms of words, tone of voice, and grooming.
The second session discussed leadership, its definition, importance and role, the importance of guidance, types of motivation, some good and bad models of management and leadership, and how to invest optimally in refining leadership and administrative skills.
This session was attended by a group of young men and women from the city of Al Bayda and its environs.
At the conclusion of this meeting, certificates of attendance were distributed to the participants.