President Putin’s Special Envoy Meets with Dr Aref Nayed

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President Putin’s Special Envoy Meets with Dr Aref Nayed

President Putin’s Special Envoy meeting with Dr Aref Nayed in Moscow:

On Tuesday morning, 24 December 2019, Dr Aref Nayed, Chairman of the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), accompanied by the LIAS Political Advisor Mr Mohamed Busafita, met with His Excellency Mr Mikhail Bogdanov, His Excellency President Putin’s Special Representative for Middle East and Africa Affairs.  Also in attendance was the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister at the meeting in the Russian Foreign Ministry Headquarters in Moscow.

The meeting focused on the following new developments in the Libyan arena –

  • the false agreements that the Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Fayez al-Sarraj has made with the Turks;
  • the seriousness of Turkish military intervention;
  • ways to unite in order to strengthen efforts against these issues.

The discussion covered the need to stand with the Libyan people through the medium of Libya’s social fabric, without racism or discrimination.  The discussion further stressed the need to support the Libyan parliament (which has the legitimacy in Libya of having been elected), its interim government and its National Army.

Dr Nayed stressed the risk posed by illegal agreements that are spending the wealth of the Libyan people and the threat to Libya’s unity, sovereignty and society, especially with the suspicious statements issued recently to inflame ethnic strife between Libyans.  He further stressed the importance of urgent action through the Arab League, the African Union, the European Union, and the UN Security Council to confirm the expiry of the presidential council of Fayez al-Sarraj, his government and their claims to various sovereign positions.  Dr Nayed recommended it was time for the withdrawal of  international recognition.