A Training Course: [Kasparov’s Move]

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A Training Course: [Kasparov’s Move]
The Libya Academy for Advanced Studies, in partnership with Intellectual Leadership Company and the Libyan European Institute, invites you to register for a training course entitled: [_Kasparov’s Move_]
Course presenter: Trainer Counselor Magdy El-Sherif
– Certified international trainer with TOT
The most prominent training program in human development (Kasparov’s Move), which is part of the individual development programs and increasing self-confidence, by taking a set of steps that highlight and develop the individual’s efforts towards success and excellence, because success in life depends on the decisions we make.
* Targeted audience:
– University students
– Graduates
– Employees in all public and private sectors
– For everyone who wants to develop their intellectual skills, decision-making and project making.
Course duration: 3 days, two hours per day
Course timing: 4:00 pm
Course value: 100 dinars only.
The number is limited, and the course begins after completing the target number.
At the end of the course, the trainee will obtain:
Certificate from the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies.
Certificate from Intellectual Leadership Company.
Certificate from the European Libyan Institute.
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For registration and inquiries, you can contact us at contactus@liasinstitute.com
Or call 0918094046 regular and WhatsApp
To send a direct message on WhatsApp through this link: https://wa.me/218918094046