Professor Ziyad bin Shaaban has passed away

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Professor Ziyad bin Shaaban has passed away
Ziad bin Shaaban has passed away
I offer my condolences to the Bin Shaaban family, the Maawal family, our people in Zuwara and Tripoli, and all the relatives of our beloved deceased (Ziyad Shaaban Yakhlef bin Shaaban, may God have mercy on him), his companions, friends, companions, loved ones, colleagues, and neighbors in our great affliction. May God reward you all.
Ziad was born in Tripoli in 1980 to a noble family of notables (Zwara) who passed on ancient glory and national work to successive generations (may God have mercy on all). He studied in Tripoli schools and graduated in 2005 from (Tripoli National University for Humanities and Applied Sciences), specializing in information technology.
The deceased joined our company (Performance Networks Company) in 2006, and rose through its management until he became its chief financial officer, and administrative coordinator of several projects in the banking sector, the oil sector, and the education sector.
He contributed to establishing and managing (the Libya Academy for Advanced Studies) in 2013, then the branch of (Kalam Foundation for Research and Media) in the Jordanian capital, Amman, in 2016, then managing (Libya Channel – Her Spirit is the Homeland) in 2017, until he became its general director in late 2019.
I knew our deceased as a righteous son, a sincere brother, a friendly friend, an honest official, and a chivalrous, generous, courageous, patient, secretive, honest, persistent, steadfast, steadfast person, a lover of God and His Messenger (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family and companions), whose qualities were embodied in the deceased. His glorious ancestors, and his luminous and fragrant memory will remain in our hearts and souls.
O God, forgive him and have mercy on him, and I pray to God Almighty for him according to what we narrated with the chain of transmission connected to our Imam Al-Maliki Ibn Abi Zaid Al-Qayrawani (may God have mercy on him):
Praise be to God who killed and brought to life, and praise be to God who gives life to the dead. To Him belongs greatness, pride, dominion, power, and splendor, and He is over all things. He sees.
O God, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as You blessed, had mercy, and blessed Abraham and the family of Abraham in the worlds. You are Praiseworthy and Glorious.
Oh God, he is your servant, the son of your servant, and the son of your female slave. You created him and provided for him, and you are his female slave, and you revive him, and you know his secrets and his revelations. Come Are you intercessors for him, so we interceded for him.
Oh God, we seek refuge in the rope of your closeness to him. You are the Possessor of loyalty and commitment.
Oh God, protect him from the temptation of the grave and the torment of hell.
O God, forgive him, have mercy on him, pardon him, keep him well, honor his abode, widen his entrance, wash him with water, ice, and hail, and cleanse him of sins as He Cleanse the white garment of filth and replace it with a house better than its house, a family better than its family, and a husband better than his wife.
Oh God, if he is benevolent, increase his benevolence, and if he is abusive, then overlook him.
Oh God, it has come down to you, and you are the best person to be sent down to it, needy of your mercy, and you are free from his torment.
Oh God, make his logic firm when he is asked and do not afflict him in his grave with what he has no strength to handle.
Oh God, do not deprive us of his reward and do not test us after him.
Aref Ali Nayed